Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lifting The Border Fence For Safe Crossing

Safely Crossing The Border!

I guess depending upon what side you are on then you might or might not think this is a good way to cross the Mexican/American border. I think this video just shows you what a crap ass job the American gobment is doing to secure our borders. I mean lets face it they do hardly anything to secure our northern border and not just because the Canadians are too smart to cross it but because it is too big to actually be cost effective to secure.

But the southern border should be the place where it should be cost effective to send our military. Are we not at war with the drug lords in Mexico who are killing thousands of their own people and no one here seems to give a damn about those people.

It makes me sick every time I hear a story about a police force in some city down there in Mexico who has to go into hiding or are all killed because they have taken a stand against the drug lords in their country. Most of these stories are ignored by our Lame Stream Media because they are so busy singing the praises of "Oh you know who" raising all kinds of extreme amounts of money at a fundraiser using our hard earned tax money to pay for the trip while calling it a working trip. What is wrong with our country that we just stand by and idly watch this crap happen to the people down there trying to do the right thing.

Why is the Mexican Military pretty much being left alone to fight this war and we have our military off fighting wars against people who have killed a lot less people than the drug lords to the south. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have killed a lot less people than the drugs provided by these drug lords over the last ten years. And what does our gobment do about it?

Nada freaking thing when you think about it!!!!

They play act like they are doing something but nothing has changed, if anything it has gotten worse. I don't even know where to begin to complain about what is being done and what is not. Should I talk about putting our guns into their hands, should I talk about letting the gangs control areas that our law enforcement won't even go into, oh and that goes for a certain religious group that makes women cover themselves (what is up with world gobments being afraid of these intolerant bastards, afraid of women, which is another subject). Okay, I just want to upchuck thinking about everything wrong with this picture. When did we become so afraid to just let all this crap happen?

I think I am at a loss as to what to do to end the slaughter of so many people, over 30,000 at last count. You might not think that I would be one to want to legalize what some have deemed as illegal drugs but yes I am. What we now call legal drugs kill more people here than the illegal drugs, including alcohol, which was once deemed illegal. I think that we should legalize them all and let the idiots pay a tax to use them. That way the rest of us might get some tax relief because we are too smart to use them. Then take all those agents who we currently use to fight the use of the illegal drugs and put them at our borders and make it to where they catch those who try to transport drugs illegally across the border. See once they are no longer trying to catch our dumb ass citizens who use the once illegal drugs then they can devote all their time to catching the ones bringing them across the border illegally. Then the Mexican gobment could start taxing their drug lords and maybe use the extra money to help it's own citizens but then their gobment is so crooked they will probably just use it to line their pockets. Although who knows maybe the citizens will rise up and get an honest gobment, which is oxymoron to me. Gobment is just another name for a crook, just how much of a crook depends upon what they get away with. Just look at our congress if you need an example, need I say more. Okay, I will since we have city gobments that can be just as bad, see City of Bell in CA, need I say more again.

Anyway take a look at this video of our great fence we have guarding our southern border and listen to the drug mules laughing at how easy it is to go under and then let me know what you think. And please do not get upset with thinking I am anti-Mexican or anything, since I am not sure how many relatives I might have down there, even though most are up here.

Enjoy the video.........

So what do you think, is our gobment stupid or what when it comes to putting up a fence?


  1. Now that's what I call a very effective fence. Here's a thought, what if the U.S. planted a bunch of mines all along the fence line. No need for patrols then. One wrong step and ka-boom. No more illegals bringing illegal drugs into our country. The threat of death might be just a little more effective. Oh, but now I suppose that I sound like a mean-spirited repbulican.

    1. Actually you sound like you are part of the Syrian military, I just saw that they put land mines along their borders to keep their people in and the foreigners out. But then again they are killing their own people to stay in power. We just need people to drink the kool-aid to keep our current people in power. I am turning more and more into a libertarian all the time. I think that we need less and less government. If the Syrians had less government then maybe their citizens would be safe. Governments suck.

      God bless.

  2. Interesting video. This is a good post.

  3. Good to have a write about a subject most of us know too little about.

  4. Borders and drugs- slaughter- My opinion in short is anyone who weighs in on this needs to have done their homework with personal demons. Vis-a-vis, our own personal boundaries, personal addictions and murderous rage....Thanks.

    1. Hi izzy,

      I am not sure if you are asking if I have done any homework or if someone else has done theirs. All I can say is that I know a lot more about this subject than I would ever care to admit and it is about as personal as one can be. The sad thing is that people in the U.S. and south of our border are dying. No one seems to have a solution. And if one looks at the history of prohibition, then one would remember during that time there were many here in the U.S. who died, while others got rich illegally. The main thing that ended almost all of the deaths was to end prohibition, which is exactly what we are doing to what we now call illegal drugs. At one time they were once legal, and the majority of the people did not use them, and people were not dying over the selling of them either, at least not the way they do now.

      I would wish that if they were legal then those of us in society would treat the people who do them in the same way we do those who smoke cigarettes, and thus we would hopefully lower their usage at the same time we were saving the lives of those in the illegal distribution business of these drugs.

      I truly wish I could ignore what is going on with the drug trade in our country and our southern neighbors, but as I have been personally affected in so many ways by it, I truly cannot do nothing. I guess one could say that I was forced to have personally done my homework on this subject.

      I also know how far some will go with personal boundaries, definitely about personal addictions, and possibly seen what a murderous rage can do to someone. Our personal demons are many it seems and we all have to deal with them in our own separate ways, and legal and illegal drugs are far from the answer but many choose these as their coping mechanisms. I've lived with and seen the destruction far beyond what most have in their lifetime. I just pray that people pay more attention to it before it destroys many more lives. Every life is precious, and every life lost is usually loved by someone, and is a great loss. Only by exposing these problems will our gobments be forced to try and fix it. Only by people seeing the problem will they try to force our gobment to fix it.

      I oh so hope I did not upset you but I cannot tell for sure if I did or did not. I just want there to be peace in the world and know that may never happen and definitely probably not in my lifetime. Love for our fellow mankind and doing our best to help each other is the most important thing we can strive to do in our lives. I can only hope that I am trying to do this.

      God bless and may God's angels watch over all of us.

  5. I've read similar texts about this border, though none I think as convincing as yours. If I was American I would definitely want something done about it. I agree: I don't think there's a threat from the Canadians!